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Calendars by M pix.Calendars by M pix.

I am using this image to say two things basically.

The first and the less involved and less engaging is the fact that this image launches my gallery about children under cre8im's PORTRAITURE.

And, I want to begin the second with an idea from the Bible. It goes somewhat like this. WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I TALKED LIKE A CHILD, I THOUGHT LIKE A CHILD, I REASONED LIKE A CHILD,ETC. BUT WHEN I BECAME A MAN, I PUT AWAY ALL CHILDLIKE BEHAVIOR.

You would know as adults that that does not work. It may be like something that we usually do in a matter of three months time. And after all the planning we resort to our old habits.

Nevertheless, I want to suggest that being childlike or adopting some childlike traits may be valuable. I always hear people say that their young children are very adept with the computer. Have you ever wondered why? It is because of the innate childhood trait of finding out, trial and error, etc. , which can be summed up as DISCOVERING or DISCOVERY.

That's one childlike trait I don't want to put away.

But adults continue to use other traits that are childlike. For example ostracism is one that is used when others voice opinions that are contrary to theirs. The concept may also be called blacklisting. Also adults also find ways for you to follow a path they carved out for you to follow and if you don't in the words of old time Caribbean people CRAPAUD SMOKE YOUR PIPE.

I call these valueless traits because although they may bring so call benefits to the party, it is not even cajoling behavior but forcing someone to do things they may not want to do.

That could never be fair.


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