Avenida de Maceo-09

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Avenida de Maceo-09Avenida de Maceo-09

I am using this image to tell a story. Maybe because it represents the beginning of a new day. And one done as I do things hand held and with some experimental creativity(people might frown on me for putting these two together because some people don't see experiments as creative work).

Yes, it was from one of my morning walks along the Malecon.

Yesterday, I visited a place to use their washroom and after, I decided to approach a young employee about my mobile phone cases. You see it was a place  whose business pertains to mobile phones.

The young lady gave great feedback about  possible prices. But it did not stop there I suggested to the young lady to visit my site because of certain questions she asked and I felt the website was capable to respond.

But it could not with the clarity she requested.

Suggestions were made and when I left I said to myself after chewing and regurgitating on what I had just heard  ,that almost all the elements were on my site. My mind seemed to want to take me there and possibly people online were seeing the same stuff that was suggested, because many e-mails are seen requesting consultancy services,daily. But I just wasn't seeing the gaps?

So that brief encounter with that young lady brought some clarity to what I was trying to  do and you might have noticed the drastic changes that have occurred overnight.

Again, I repeat , this is not luck but in tune with your environment-and I am not only referring to the physical. When it's the time for figuring out My Master would send someone to help with His Charges attached, because he knows that I have already PAID in FULL(no need to pay ones who maybe not his servants).

It was surprising  to me when she said her name when I asked. But I don't know if she would want me to state it outright.

So I'll just say it is word we use in a phrase or statement about clarity.


Thanks Madam or Miss


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