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Circle of Life_Concept-06Circle of Life_Concept-06I learnt after trying to decipher this in Cuba that this is a piece of artwork from Da Vinvci ,one of the great masters of art from the Renaissance. Its people like him that great photographers from the curated site 1x pointed me to back in maybe 2015 when under their crique furum I posted photos for of course the experts and people like me to critique. This exercise is a rewarding one and one where they frown on ungentlemanly or unladylike critques. And of course by now you would have known I would have welcomed both forms. Because those to me bring resiliance,you see they don't need to be obscene or vulgar once you are not attacking the person and you are sticking to matter at hand. then there should not be a problem but some people can't separate the two and as result the safe way is what 1x pushes. But maybe able to drive some experts to that and this is when it was suggested that I check out these great artist whow all other things like scientest ,philosophers,etc. I think it was the same chap that led me to the magnum papers(I hope I am saying that right). So from those great ones at 1x I got the fine details to improved my portrait photography and for photography on the whole.. But the main reason for this piece is to emphasise that life is like circle-and I am not just harpping on what those early sailors found out many years after their first set of travels but to say more.a)that the world is round so what do you expect, b)you are the center not withstanding what you may hear to the contrary ,of your round world,c)round and roud you go,but hopefully getting better at the tasks you do-this is really a part of what is considered incremental develoment and this development is not linear as some structuaralists wouold wish you to belive but buut circular.(some say cyclical) d)of course hold on to the light as much as you could but dont forget the shadows,because night catches up to day and the circle continues. Good Morning,Good Day, Good Evening,Good Night


 This was originally  created by Da Vinci ,one of the great masters  from the Renaissance era, I still haven't discovered who did this one, though.


However, the main reason for its capture & show  is to treat with some life issues.

a)Yes , the world is round, so, roundness is the DETERMINANT.


b)You are, NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE,the center of your world, you should (using less  sophisticated terms) build/construct yours or (with more sophistication) design/engineer it.



c)ROUND and ROUND you go,but hopefully  to get better at the tasks you do- incremental development and this development is not linear as some structuralists would wish you to believe but  circular(some say cyclical).


d)Of course, remember that there is nothing new under the morning, midday or evening sunlight.


Good Morning,Good Day, Good Evening, Good Night.



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