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As Possible Feeling of Newlyweds_Concept-07Possible Feeling of Newlyweds_Concept-07Now the idea for this piece has nothing to do with this wedding decorator's creation only my interpretation of it in camera and while editing. You see because of the work I have done for over thity years and from my own experices with relationships I know that the idea of going to live with a partner in blissful wedlock can end in a hellish situation. Because it is after this great day the the magic of working or making a relationship begins. And of course it is never a bed of roses. So the experience and not so experience may know that entering his or relationship can become hellish. Because there some of us who can overthink and can sometimes predict from the looks of the faces as he or she enters in here -the reception hall what the future holds.
So this image is really a dramatic depiction of what could be his or her future.


The image  here was one captured as part of an assignment for a wedding decorator.

You may say that this depiction is an abuse of the great Trinidadian wedding decorator's(Stacy Hackshaw) CREATION by creating what maybe deemed pure conjecture. But it was not.

I saw her at work, once before, at La Soledad and requested her permission to see her work again. 

So when I got a call about 4 hours before this actual capture I was happy and excited ,not knowing 1) that I was being offered a job and 2) that the reception was indoors.

So on my arrival and after our initial discussion I was further surprise (2016 was my year of surprises) because the public service and its culture protected me  from these new ways of conducting affairs and they always at the outset disturbed me but I am not  always the one to show discomfort, I was  up for a challenge. So my skills as a participant observer step in. Only if I knew it was a job & it was indoors I would have prepared differently. But because I was on my creative beat I brought gear that would challenged my creative juices. So ,of course I did not walk with a flash, etc. yes you could safely say that I was ill-prepared for the job as she wanted it.

She wanted to see her work clearly in the same manner that I did her outdoor creation-one that someone else was supposed to have paid me for.

To conclude she found my work too dark.  But you must remember  my limitations-in gear and otherwise , lack of enough fore knowledge and  clarity of her request and of course operating from entirely different assumptions-I was creating large concepts with my images while she was interested in details. 

But the word dark and this particular lighting from the test run made me think of creating the piece-looking at the dark side of this blissful event.

 This is clearly a conversion by me in camera and with my editing software not her creation or possibly how she would wish to see it-for she is into bliss ,creating a dream ,fantasy and offering luxury and happiness.

I am into reality-the raw and stark one. I am sorry. But that's been my life and it still is. I do it and say it as is..

The IDEA to show this possibly unpopular view of an apparent blissful event came from my work experiences and my own experiences especially  when I said  to  some of my friends and family that I intended to take the step. I was completely surprised to see and hear what mainly females who themselves were married had proffered as advice to stop me from doing it.

 I was reminded that  some people begin SEEING HELL from the honeymoon. I got suggestions from some ,never wanting to go that path again, or if they had the opportunity to turn back time it would not be the same pathway they would go.

I also thought of my experiences in my previous job where  I read more than a 1000 stories and must have heard  more of women severe beating by their husbands more than they got even at home  and in school and worse than when they were children, some of these women are permanently scared both physically and mentally for life. Marriage had provided a safe haven for this kind of abuse to occur. 

Although I seemed to be concentrating on the woman as the victim men are sometimes the one and with men it can lead to death and suicide.

 In the case of women the  information is used as evidence for women to receive housing speedily from the State. In addition, my experience volunteering in the rape crisis society of the Trinidad & Tobago made me understand the gravity and volume of failed marriages.

 So the depiction is not pure conjecture!

Let us now look at the image it is RECEPTION HALL and it look like you are really ENTERING THE GATES OF HELL. And   HELLISH BEHAVIORS CAN OCCUR  after the wedding.  Some say when that RING is on finger the IMAGE of the RELATIONSIP CHANGES.  

To understand the portrayal 2 ways of viewing it, are suggested:-1)take it from the perspective of prior   knowledge from experiences of others and recent information that made you have doubts even though you just completed the church  ceremony and the outdoor shoot of smiles and family bonding,  2)all that aforementioned process was done you entered with your partner and the behavior and expressions of the crowd-your partners group gave you a culture shock or some cognitive dissonance, confusion and doubt.

I always find we waste much time sleeping ,dreaming, creating fantasy to escape getting up from our sleep to face the reality of our existence.



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