From a Distance-1

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I call this lens my "street lens" for obvious reasons it is a telephoto lens ,it is realitively light and if you could go with the former and you know about lenses the logical obvios would be that it's cheap and low quality.

So please,excuse the technical flaws in the image. Hence the reason I am developing a way of continuing using the lens and images therefrom to create a paticular kind of image I am attempting to call "camera art". 

Don't know if the concept exists but I am playing bold to get suggestions ,critique or disparaging comments like the one from a member of the "Hallowed Halls" of an association of  the USA . I can assure you I treat with all. They all have merit. In my book all increases  understanding even the very negative ones. But please be "brave and confident of your own existence" by leaving your name or correct e-mail. It is the only way your statement can have some importance. Otherwise it could only be seen as coming from someone that is insecure and has some kind of hate and be sent to the recycle bin.

This is a shot of one of my country's area of protection in the colonial days. It's called Fort George. There is also one in Tobago of similar name.That one is called Fort King George. Tobago is the other part or Island that comprises my country. And that Fort also ovelooks the main city area.

I did the shot from two vantage points and I titled all shots with the first part here "from a distance" . I choose only to say that I zoomed all the way in to shoot the building.

In my country  I believe that this old European architecture is known as "Ginger Bread".

I am contemplating doing a refinement from the two areas with possibly different instruments and additional shooting ideas.



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