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Shot from the compound of the P.T.S.C (Public Transport Service Corporation).

Now I titled this "Alive!" from a song that was very popular when I was a youth and has become like a cliche. It's the song from the "Sound of Music".
It is very appropriate to use here because this Hill( Laventille, Picton, or however else you may call here) came "Alive!" with the MUSIC OF THE STEEL DRUMS. Nowadays it's alive for many other reasons,but I prefer to not  focus on those because other organisations ,like the media,give you enough on those.
To some the Hill is a temporary place of abode-those people who are from rural villages of Trinidad and from other islands, like our  own sister isle.Tobago, but also, Antigua,Barbados( to a lesser extent),Grenada,Guyana,Jamaica,St Vincent,etc. These people are there  in search of a better way of life. You see ,the main city. the financial capital of the Caribbean(Port of Spain) is just literally and figuratively "a stone's throw away".
So these people would either pay a "pepper corn rent" or stay by some kind of family(pumpkin vine or blood).
For these, the Hill is a "decanting center" while for others-with their fabulous homes have made it a permanent residence.
Suffice it to say that more than the talent and ingenuity of a musical art form/instrument came from this Hill. It has engendered many greats-too much to mention here.
But sadly all governments have not paid it the dignity that it deserves.  Yes, some have tabled ideas for its improvement.. 
But some "Voice" always gets in the way. 

p.s. four other versions (of the image) can be found  in the gallery of which this is a part.