A Piece of Heaven-1

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Royalton Cayo Santa Maria_Cuba-01Royalton Cayo Santa Maria_Cuba-01This is the entrance of the property. I called this resort A PIECE OF HEAVEN because at the time I visited it that was the impression I got.. Around the time it was considered the best all inclusive resort in this part of the world-the Caribbean. So being a frequent visitor to Cuba I had to find it with the help of my friends there.

I can't remember when I started getting e-mail messages  from TripAdvisor.But I started paying attention to their rating and ranking of great places to travel and resorts to experience. This one "Royalton Cyao Santa Maria" was rated the best resort in the Caribbean in 2013-14 and because I frequent Cuba I asked my friends to help get me there.

When I arrived in Havana I was told it was fully booked-well the priced rooms that I could have afforded ,however they managed to get me close enough-I learnt when I got there that I was in a sister property and arrangement was made for me to get a tour of the place.

So this shot was one from the tour and in my gallery on the Caribbean under the  "Travel and places" ( check for TRAVEL in the gallery Caribbean)you can see the full complement.

I  title my mini story of the place "A piece of Heaven"

I hope you  enjoy this one and the 20 odd series of images that make up my story.

This is the entrance of the property. 

A "piece of Heaven" was the thoughts that entered my mind as I perused the property with eyes and camera and  from what I was hearing from  the  people who hosted me for the few hours.

I could remember after visiting Grand Lido ,in Jamaica what some people said to me in Cuba about the images used to market the property. They said so after just looking at the photos from the back of my camera. I saw some images from  a representative of the owners,in Jamaica, In an effort to sell me "time share"  they showed me photos of their resorts and Royalton  Cayo was one. Then I understood completely what was said to me by  some  people in Cuba.

They are still not of the best because at that time I was not shooting "in raw" and I was not as good at editing as I am now.

Hope you enjoy.