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Everybody who really knows me would say that I hold no brief for anyone and for any government. And I could proudly say ,thanks to my upbringing, that I owe no one for my job when I became a public service worker -although, there were attempts to get rid of me from my job position by powerful ones who held high positions at the organisation which is responsible for this property.

So what I intend to say here may come as a surprise to some , while  others may say I was always a "closet P.N.M" ,but I am not and never was.

You see, I try to see things objectively and most times without emotion or maybe this is what the Master Blaster of Christianity termed "turning the other cheek".

I want to  suggest that this was a "flagship project" by the first person who head the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation(H.D.C)-and if I may add , that, that person is the one who really put the organisation on the map( literally and figuratively). You see, the individual went after a "niche market" that no  other residential  property organisation wanted to touch at the time. He targeted the lower middle,the middle middle and the higher middle when all other organisations were going after "upper class money" mainly, upscale residential properties which were out of the reach of most people who were seeking home ownership.

I myself was surprised when I saw my "well to do friends" who I never saw at the predecessor organisation, visiting ( gracing ) the doors of the H.D.C and my office.

 So I was kinda pleased to see his people oversee the  completion of this high end residential  property and of course ,the then Minister of Housing, now in another capacity, speak at its official handing out of keys to home owners. You can see other images of the property in the  gallery "Buildings" under the group "ARCHITECTURE.



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