Uniquely honoring ancestors

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The first person I saw doing this kind of shooting-altering viewpoints in portraits-was my father. So this is something that I garnered from him.

Now I start this blog this way because I am going to stretch the concept of marketing for you in the only way I know how to do most things-very simplistically. So walk with me now.

My first marketing consultants were my mother(the primary or main one) ,my grand mother (the secondary and alternate-the follow through) and the third my father(the referent).

You see these people made "brand Trevor John Edwards". They gave me my UNIQUE PERCEPTUAL POSITION-they set this product in motion mainly not so much via instructions but by "conditioning.

My mother laid the foundations by naming me John,Trevor(John was my father's first name). She also made me spend quality time with my father whenever I spent my school vacations with them.

My grandmother continued the refining of the product(me)when I was  passed over to her  for her to "raise" me.

Part of her refining was to adjust the naming of the product by reversing John Trevor  to  Trevor John, using the rationalization  that Trevor was more user friendly(more popular). I am sure I don't need to say more on this. But this strategy-basic and simple as it was, started me on a road to be extremely critical-I can't  recalled ever seeing anyone as my role model or following anyone.

However, every time I had the opportunity to be with my father, important ideas and items were recorded and archived, unconsciously.

So much so that I could proudly say  that  I am my FATHER'S SON.

p.s. this sounds hilarious,eh? Usually this kind of thing happens in the reverse when you are born-just coming to be aware of the world around you, not understanding what the man watching you is beaming about and why he wants to pick you up from where you are. You see I am saying  this as an old man and he, my father is long gone.


My shooting style is a lot like his from my recollection,even though a lot of  the intellectual ideas in  photography has changed.

The funny thing about all this is the fact that he never really gave me any formal instructions in photography.



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