Stay Alive Gorgeous!

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Stay Alive Gorgeous!_Concept-049-2Stay Alive Gorgeous!_Concept-049-2She is just naturally gorgeous not D.D.G because I can't see how that became a popular comment for exceptional appeal. In fact I am sure ,my subject would be disappointed if I "drop dead" in her presence. Only if she is "femme fatale". So to me the comment is not a positive one.

You must excuse me I am "old school".

Now, this is an extremely beautiful young woman. And I know you may want to use the word GORGEOUS. I agree,I would surely use it anytime with this young lady for more than one reason. I'll only use one. You see, when I was a youth it was very difficult  to see girls and young women beauty with their glasses on.

So that's one of the reason that I took the shot and why I am using the image here to discuss the term "gorgeous" or the one that I hear people using even photographers abbreviated as D.D.G. or "drop dead gorgeous".

Do you think Wikipedia can help with the origin of this term   or phrase because I find the term bordering on the  ridiculous and its insulting to say the lease.

I am sure that ,in addition to beauty,you can possibly see  caring and consideration in her persona.

Could you imagine me telling her "Girl you are drop dead gorgeous!". Firstly she would not want to "drop dead" because people find her gorgeous or she would not want to kill people by them watching her more so if it was her husband,lover or her partner.

She would want that person to STAY ALIVE for a very long time.

If I may add, and this is just being facetious, the only  beautiful woman that would want a man "to drop dead" figuratively, is one in a profession that has outlived most of us. Understand me clearly for it is not because she is in the "undertaking" business but because she is concern about her "rate of turnover". I hope that's not  from where the term originated.

Tell me, from where these senseless terms come and why seemingly intelligent people promulgate them?