Airport,Costa Rica.2

April 05, 2017

Character_Travel-vid-313While waiting to board a COPA back to Trinidad.



 Please forgive me but I am no videographer but I just could not resist doing this with my phone's camera at the airport in San Jose, while waiting to return to Trinidad and Tobago. This amazing musician reminded me of tunes I savored in my youth.

I must apologize  for  the clarity of the visuals  and other technical blunders but I was more interested in what was emanating from his "sax".

I also got a card from him,so I could have put a name to the individual. But I can't seemed to locate it.

However this is a gentleman with some talent. And I commend him and the authorities who allowed him to use the airport facility to entertain people like me and so that he could  find alternative ways of making "an honest dollar". Certain parts of this short musical interlude "raised my pores".

I am happy to report that today 2017/06/24  about 7.30 pm I was able to find this great musician's card with a torch light-it was lodge between a crevice in a room in my home. Thanks to a power outage in my neighborhood-vestiges of the aftermath of the recent tropical storm. He is Mr. Escalante.

You may say all you needed to know  is that I found the card or just the musician's name!

But there is some symbolism in the statement and it is this:- you may be surrounded by much light, much brilliance but never discover what you are looking for. However, you may find yourself  in much darkness and one unsophisticated light can help you discover just what you were looking for.

Maybe that's the reason why the great guys who assisted in the creation of this technology  dropped out of those institutions of "higher learning".