Your music, your CONNECTION-to people, to the world

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Your music, your CONNECTION-to people, to the worldel saxophonista de Costa Rica


el saxophonista de Costa Rica

I posted this earlier then removed it. I decided that I was not a videographer. 

But it's the most suitable image or set of consecutive images with sound to depict what I am about to discuss.

I am also not a musician of any sorts. But I learnt to appreciate music and singing from an early age from my parents and when I entered secondary school.  At St James Secondary School  I had one of the finest musician as a teacher. In fact one of her songs was submitted for the nation's anthem and it is one of the country's national songs, now.

 In the earlier blog with this image I stated that this musician made me  remember back in the days.

He is talented and here you could say he is at the gateway to the world.

But a video sent to me via WhatsApp had the world as its introduction made me quiver especially after getting the facts from my cousin in the country to which the commentator in the  video referred.  I could only remember the words of my  former Managing Director:-Don't ever think that human beings are inherently good they are inherently depraved, BECAUSE THE WORDS FROM THE COMMENTATOR COULD HAVE ONLY COME FROM A DEPRAVED MIND.

What did that youth do to these people. All she ever wanted as she said was to fulfill her dream and all she said humbly with no frills at all (only her sexy but elegant casual yellow dress)  thanked her country folks for honoring her and  told the children to go after their dreams and the caveat-believe and trust in God(me didn't hear any other name used).

You could understand why I could believe what I just said.

You see,my family didn't tell me what the person said.

They directed me to where I could see with meh own eyes and hear with meh own ears-as we Trini would say.

My question is why people are so evil and what did the youth did to them. Is it her color, is it her ethic group, is it that she came from the Caribbean a former slave society. Or is it that her excellence ,although not  academic , is in other fields, not just music.


Please tell me!

Two people in the music industry have made the Caribbean very proud and they stuck to their roots.

One has gone, and in my book, he was the messenger.

Perhaps that's why he wore a dread locks-he wanted people not to  EYE him over but digest his messages.

But this youth is an entertainer par excel-lance.

A superstar in the music industry and in the glamour industry.



Please don't stop.

p.s. I am a great fan of Taylor Swift. I love how she articulates Afro Caribbean melody &  rhythm  in  her songs with her beautifull voice. An amazing artist, an amazing voice. You don't have to see her(not taking anything off  of her physical beauty, but I want you to ) just listen to her sing,really listen.

She is possibly heading down the road of Anita Baker's  voice artistry.


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