You! You are a User!

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I am taking another bite at this cherry by removing the previous fluffy background and clicking the RESTART button.



You ,Yes You!

You are a USER.

But I am no different. I am a USER too.



You see,  WE ARE ALL USERS-deny that , if you wish.

But it's an essential ingredient of us as SOCIAL beings and that's why  we have the profession call law and why we have all types of agreements & contracts.

This is really funny  because the only time people say that they have been used is when the interactive relationship is unbalanced or deemed to be.

 That is when a part of the everyday interaction rear its ugly head. Take for example, a LOVE RELATIONSHIP between two consenting adults.

   The female in the  relationship, might have found out that the male partner has been cheating on her and for  a very long time or  the male discovered that his patner is a  real gold digger after one year in the relationship.

But these ideas  were never examined before the NOT WAS TIED.

Some men operate with a norm that goes like this:- you see that woman I don't want anyone else to touch her but me.I'll marry her.

But ,he continues his touching of others even sometimes other peoples'.

She,his, partner may know some of his ways(but she wants a winner-a man who is handsome, has a good job, has great appeal to the female folk).  She might know of his skill with other women but  believed that she is/was the GAME CHANGER.

On the other hand, the typical man try to sweep a woman off her feet with gifts and other material things sometimes borrowing money, a friends vehicle, etc, besides  using his  words of nothingness just to wow his woman.

So why the feel disappointed when you discovered that she was just in it for what she could get.

Even when I was at Secondary school we were saying if your partner and you are on the same level that marriage was not matrimony but match- your- money.

And of course, you may know that most times its bed art or bedroom rhythm or lack thereof  that literally and figuratively breakdown relationships. Because,  most times if you want this, you don't usually  get this from  the professional.

They don't have  time to perfect this skill or art they are very busy with their schooling skills  to become a doctor or  lawyer, etc. And that's why the good old profession is still alive , always  ready  and available for some who wish to spend money to get this additional service in bedroom art .

So beside these there are others like them who are deprived of materials , mainly street savy and good at the art.

It is kind of difficult to call these people users when they are truly victims of their upbringing and mores.

You  must examine carefully what you were getting into and be aware  of these kind of scenarios.

So the STATE  looks after you by providing you with documents intended for your protection.

If you believe after some examination that she might be a gold digger-add something in a prenuptials so you can feel safe. I am not sure if this reach the law books of my country and that's the reason why people resort to other  means , as solutions.

For the woman the  STATE  comes to her rescue  easier than for the man- by helping to equalize the hurt ,  by  confiscating  some or most of the males material & emotional things.

So the major institutional users  prepare documents  called agreements and contracts to govern how we are to be used.

These are considered the protection against unfair use.

Even in photography and on this site USING  CAN OCCUR.

If you want to use my services or my images we have to enter into an agreement a written one.

Gone are the days when I do business with family,friend or other folks verbally.

And I intend to  pursue copright issues fervently in the comming year,if or when they occur.



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