The Star at Christmas-02

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The Star at Christmas-02The Star at Christmas-02This was a result of a detour on my way to Maracas Bay to get fresh fish and salt and sand clean my skin.



On my way to Maracas Bay on Sunday(2017-12-17) while driving on the Uriah Butler Highway I decided to go into the Eric Williams Medical Complex compound to take some shots of the mountain side with the clouds.

The clouds, mountains & the sky were too beautiful to resist.

But instead of using the usual car park I decided to go in further to another that I learnt  recently. This one is closer to the Accident and Emergency ward,thinking that it would be a better vantage point.

Well ,I wasted a thought. So, as I was already there and half disappointed I decided to just look around  for something else to capture and realized that I could do some star bursts with the brilliant morning sunlight.Perhaps this could save my wasted time there. I  ,then ,saw this great fern plant and we are in the Christmas season .

So I decided to angle myself so I could get the sun to shine its rays on the tree. But in attempting to do this I saw that the building near by had this special name and I smiled.

Now ,all I had to do is to get everything  to GEL in camera. I tried spot metering ,together with a very small aperture.   It was difficult to see  clearly  all  that I was doing because of the  magnificent sunlight. My histogram seemed alright .though.

After about five exposures & not seeing the view finder clearly (the eye adjustment thing) I just decided to trust my shooting. The rest was just editing ,not too elaborate and without photoshop.

It was mainly camera work.

Again ,I say creativity is impulsive it can't be planned. You can't plan to be creative. It is something natural. What you can plan is the afterthought-the configuring  after it jumps in your HEAD, so it can be communicated or conveyed. I am actually separating the IDEA  from the PROCESS of dissemination-that's where the planning is LOCATED, processing the idea.

Is this nitpicking? If it is, then, I blame my grandmother-she was an excellent dress maker. 

What are your thoughts?




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