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Let's examine the image and the subject and explore the term NEGATIVITY.

Children have a tendency to do things when you tell them not to do them.

Why? not because they naturally have a rebellious spirit(but some may have) but because you have enticed or excited their feeling of curiosity.

Notwithstanding the above, here I resort to discussing  achieving something a task or a goal.

Whatever NO'S are placed in front of me I'll still be focused on the figure at the end.

Now ,don't interpret this to mean that I see NO and I believe it means YES! No you are very wrong. I am not ruthless ,without ethics and morals, as I go foward.

The accusations of me not accepting a NO for what it really means may the Ruthless and vexatious thought or thing.

You see I am clear about where I am heading and my destination and try  my best to honor my parents' lives and their teachings.

They lived a life full of good values and I am not saying that because they are deceased and gave me birth  but from the feedback from people who knew them and those who know and  those who could not remember me, as their son.

People-more than one-wanted to make me jobless just because of my values.

Some of them even call me SELF-RIGHTOUS,at their meetings.

All I was trying to do was to continue my parents legacy.

That's all, nothing less. Let's see if I could put it in a context you may understand more easily.

My parents could be considered the first and main Company I was a part.

Their brand had these ideas embeded:

Work hard,

Work honestly,

All work is valuable,

Call a spade a spade and knowthat  there may be consquences,

Don't be ashamed to admit your wrongs & your weaknesses,

Never deny or be ashamed of your roots,

and of course,this one-You don't need to be rich with plenty money to have an enriched,valued  and worthy life.

My father is responsible for me still having some real meaning in life because of his simple box camera.

You see work is what drives a man ,not leisure or pleasure(perhaps if these are your work).

He showed me how to use it and my siblings and I were his practice subjects.

One of my brothers said I was the last to have the camera.

But my memory fades me on this one.



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