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My Clock Says it's Morning-01My Clock Says it's Morning-01This image is part of signature book of images by M pix Lab:


This journey is really amazing. Believe this!.


The first set of people I asked about this statue were my friends in Cuba but none could have helped.Perhaps I asked the wrong questions. I asked more about who did it than what it was about.

However ,returning to Trinidad,my country, not Cuba, the same year of shooting it I saw a similar image in a pharmacy in a mall. I enquired and was told it was a Da Vinci's creation. So I decided to call it either the circle or cycle of life. Even though you may believe that I am a reader I still don't read enough. Most times I just bounce into things (I am truly blind). 

So this is me at my Doctors  visiting for him to explain to me the results of my annual tests. And I put in my mouth( those previous words Trinidadian dialect)  to suggest that since retiring my routine has changed and I am not  doing things the same times as before- example,eating.

I have BREAKFAST when the computer tells me to go she don't want to see me.

I ,then,exercise,shower and eat. The latest  I had breakfast was lunchtime-12 noon.

So the debate began. He argued  that there is  no such thing as a routine but a cycle. And his advice which he wrote on a sheet-not a prescription(but now I can say it was):- check the Circadian cycle on the computer.

And I did.

Its called the biological clock by doctors.

The same thing  that I saw in the pharmacy. No wonder why the image I recorded in camera was on the grounds of a teaching institution. Perhaps medical because on my visits to Old Havana I always see medical students around there.

And there are certain things that you do unconsciously everyday at the same time and I started  checking this.

So, yesterday I got up around and decided to return to my OLD.... I would not say it.

I had breakfast at my usual time before retiring. I would not go into an explanation into this early movement to go to work-any Trini could explain that to you.

So at the same time this morning 2017-12-13 I was forced to get up because my stomach was cramping and it was painful until I had breakfast.

This is possible the explanation why I feel sick when I don't exercise and its not because of an addiction to it. It is a result of my body's scheduling.

I hope you see that in a way that I am still tied to my old model.

You may say that my doctor and I were just quibbling and the debate was meaningless-only a difference in focus or perspective.

p.s. I have began writing in way that you can clearly understand my thought processes.

The reason for doing this is to unearth great postulations or as  some call them ,models that experts may suggest. You see experts from institutions make pronouncements on others and sometimes you wonder about their intellectual capacity or their intentions. And because more and more I am seeing that human beings are not perfect as  a truism ,since no school of knowledge is exact-mistakes continue to be made and some with disastrous effects.

In every field of science errors continue  and sometimes on a large scale and the common folks like me and you are clueless about them.

And some, even, in professions that supposed to preserved your health and life prefer to see you every month, not in the places where you don't have to pay but you have to remember  that these people  have to fund their fabulous lifestyle.

 So, I am  happy when members of this profession can tell me:- I don't want you on that medication for long or recommend some natural thing that I can take instead. Or ,can tell me:- I don't want to see you in this office until your other annual check for your tests.

 And I am not talking ,here ,about public ,non paying institutions.

Those kind of people  I could RESPECT because these people know who they are and what they are here for.

I draw your attention to a statement we use in my country.It goes like this A GOOD MECHANIC( auto repairer) always drives the worst looking car.

 Can you take a statement like this an apply it to your medical practitioner.

1) if he or she always seem to want to bark at you(even the good morning or good evening  appears to be like that  and that's if that is said)

and/or 2) if he or she does not look physically healthy.

Or would you concentrate on  the high end or low end vehicle he or she drives?

How would you choose your medical practitioner or do you only depend on word of mouth reviews.



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