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In this image two major religions are represented. I say this because both were the major religious ideology that followed the peoples of Europe and the ones from Africa when they came to the Caribbean.

This image was one I captured from Old Havana. The edifice represents the Roman Catholic Church as we call the denomination in my country and the other to camera left is the African religion  in Cuba represented by the two ladies in mainly white. The religion is called Santeria,in that country.

I subscribed to the concept of reductionism and I hope the authors of this great concept don't start charging me because this is one subscription I would have to pay because it is the common  sense thing to do, it belabors conditioning and it utilizes experiences to the maximum.

So I begin, after that slight digression, to say that  I am proud of the founding builders of my nation state, Trinidad and Tobago, for giving us as part of  the country's vision statement the idea of TOLERANCE. For nowhere else in the world can boast of religious tolerance as the people from my country can do. All major religions are offered the respect of a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. 

Perhaps this was the reason why my parents allowed us to go to other religious establishment  in order to appreciate  and understand their teachings.

My conclusion from the exposure is that they, all(religions, that is) follow or convey similar basic tenets, principles and messages.

The first religion that made me understand marketing strategy from a religious stand point is a religion  the  that one of my sibling now follows and is a leader,there. When I was down he used the most compelling strategy to win over this soul, a book on his religion's research on other religions. In a way pointing to the  argument,TO NON FOLLOW others,and to join his.

You may say that his strategy backfired. It did not achieve its intended purpose  but allowed me see  the religion that I unconsciously followed.

That religion in his book is from Japan. Now tell me, I have never been to Japan and I did not and never had a Japanese girl friend. I never even researched anything on the Japanese culture. I did Shoto...something Karate just as a means to defend myself when I began working as a Sociologist, but was evicting people out of apartments, they illegally occupied.

No one else wanted to do that task. So they added this on to the NEWBIE'S  RESPONSIBLITY, a major part. 

By now you may  understand why I decided to find a way to defend myself.

Yes, illegal occupiers began coming to my office  to tell me that they had  paid down on my coffin, advising that I should not continue the Authority's  actions to evict. And in the public service in my country  YOU COMPLY, THEN COMPLAIN. I did not reach the point of complaing because it was my first professional job and I had just started. And I saw  the place as most suited to my field of study. I felt I needed time to deal with the issue-and confront it later. A means of defense was the immediate and this was the going thing in my time-not guns.

 Karate was my only attachment to the  Japanese culture.

So How , Where & Why?

The only explanation is my previous statement there are similar tenets and principles in MOST Religion,if not all.

The Japanese Religion to which I refer is Shinto and in my mind I believed I was practicing the religion of my ancestors as,I viewed it .

So let me continue developing the point of marketing and marketing is really a free concept, gone are the  early days in the Caribbean when my forefathers came in this part of the world. That wasn't marketing but complete indoctrination. So much so for the Africans to worship as they were accustomed they had to cloud or cover their practice with some vestiges of Roman Catholicism.  Even the Anglicans in my country called themselves English Catholics.

In the image , what you are seeing is  virtually a market place. The religious bodies represented are open for business.

They are both employing marketing strategies. Their approaches are quite different. And it all boils down to presentation and resources. On one hand you can say there is no need for the human presence. But in the other it's there.

One of the tools used by some religions in my country is to propagate their religious doctrines on radio and television on Sundays-that's marketing to its highest. These people are trying to keep their flock and most times increase its numbers.

So why should I call  a prominent religious leader who has a great following of a significant group of my country's population, a racist when all the person is doing, is trying to hold on to his flock. 

All other religions are losing flock to what I am calling , the NEW CHRISTIANS.

Even the most powerful religion of the Caribbean has altered its approaches. I was surprise sometime recently to see on television some people singing and worshipping  like if they were from a BORN AGAIN Christian church(that's how NEW CHRISTIANS are sometimes described in my country). But they were Roman Catholics.

So , no, marketing is not a concept only for the business world.

Only if you are suggesting that religion is big business.



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