A defiant look

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My values are skewed to the right and I believe in honesty and not hypocrisy.

I,perhaps, am from a dieing breed and attempting to sell you an idea and a game from past Christmases.

So I am killing the  marketing stategy on puzzeles.

None again from me for Christmas. I intend to rename the gallery to one showing and selling a different product- one for home decorations.

The STANDS as they call it in my country or the STANDOUT DISPLAY  as we in cre8im.com prefer.

But I am not removing this image.

In fact I love it.

It shows a defiant expression-check the nose flare. I was not really interested in capturing any shadow under her nose-butterfly-just that natural.

But you may see a double loup .

Children are easily  impatient especially  when their charges are giving instructions in unusual circumstances. Moreso if they seemed to be doing all this for the benefit of someone who the child is not so familiar with , and the person is using an instrument that the child is now getting to know.

Some defiance is good, I can suggest. It means that the child is begining to develop some control,albeit ,passively and you may say the rudiments of an identity is being formed. So parents and instructors should never see defiance or a little rudeness as negative, but put a positive spin to it.

What you should and must take away is the fact that you must now be aware and  channel and guide this apparent ability to become defiant.

And please people, this is not text book talk but one who was defiant since I could remember knowing myself.

Never got any harsh punishment at home,but once. When  I was trying to convert my little drummer boy drum into a tenor pan and the people in the neighboring(the owners) apartment believed I wanted to burn down their house.

It was just smoke from the newspapers I set on fire to help me achieve my ends. And it was several days after that my brother and I got licks form an uncle. Granny told him on one of his biweekly visits.  I got punishment for defiance regularly at  school,but that did not stop teachers from using their veto to name me the head prefect or head boy of the school.

And of course while taking on the responsibility as head boy, I again was defiant, by getting all prefects to stop doing their activities-what could be considered strike action-just because a teacher was out of line-he was encouraging students to flout  school rules.

Even in this what I am doing here specifically,-blogging(are there rules for blogging?)I don't really follow rules,because if I prepare this in part before coming to the keyboard and attempt to use a prepared text for assistance it would not help. I would lose the trend of my thoughts. I must do it naturally or I get confused. I tried this here about some days ago and it took me unusually long.

The other ,is the rules of photography.

Most time, I seldom adhere to rules.

So I was happy to read from one of the photographers that I greatly respect and I wonder where he gets the time to write so much and still do photography.

He said and I am not quoting just remembering-the only rules you have to follow is filling out your taxes.

He is right about this because that could cost you or land you in jail.



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