Vaued or Valueladen Education?

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As a child I was told that the education that they offered at the schools-Primary, Secondary and University was the way out of poverty.

That was the advice given to me by my parents and I believed it. But what I was not conscious of ,yet , was what came later.

Now to put several things into context. I want to first say that the reason for the image is because I grew up very near here and lived in similar or worst circumstances.

That this piece is way of turning my Western education on its head.

My reading of  the Culture of Poverty thesis at University made me recall how I felt of my living circumstances at Secondary school. Partly responsible for this was because I had peers and friends who were well off and the only thing that I could impressed them with was my intellectual skills. I couldn't  invite them to my home for any holidays-not even Christmas because I was deeply embarrassed of my living arrangement and circumstances.  So much so that when reaching the DRY RIVER  I checked  to see if I was out of the steering eyes of  friends who may be passing in their vehicles. I was not proud of  living BEHIND THE BRIDGE as it was called.

After leaving University I was offered a job as a researcher in the field  of which I was most comfortable. I decided to leave  a teaching job for it and  that area (research) became my career job.

However , my first major project at the job was a survey of an impoverished neighborhood similar to one in which I was still living at the time. 

We had to get enough information from the residence in order to relocate them. The state needed the area for a more important use and the land was its property.

I was coordinating the project so moving around I approach a dweller and asked him where was his shack. He had to correct me by asking if I meant his home. I quickly apologized and said yes.

What is amazing is the fact that I was living in almost similar circumstances and that was my unconscious response. Looking back at this experience that happened over 30 years ago. This slip, a Freudian one, might be considered insensitive, tactless or downright foolish.

Putting the blame on me. But I was just being honest and defining his dwelling in the way it is defined by my  WESTERN EDUCATION.  But CONVENTIONAL WISDOM would say you don't tell people the truth because not all people could handle the truth.

Isn't this deceit or hypocrisy?

Do I go through all this schooling to deceive?

I must ,then suffer from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

But ,you  are so right . I was the foolish one , that word should have never been in my vocabulary.

In fact I should be one of the many who should have been  protesting the removal of   these idiotic, disrespectful and inhumane words out of modern dictionaries.

What really are the purpose of these words. Only to demonstrate discrimination?

Is there any meaningful  VALUE in that? 

In hindsight, I was just behaving like a house slave .




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