To Reciprocate.

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To Reciprocate-To Reciprocate-Purchase as a Standout Display from M pix Lab.,


This is something I now do naturally.

Saying it in a religious manner :-

Do onto others what they do to you (the old books  teaching-e.g. an eye for an eye)

or the more palitable :-

treat others the way they treat you .

These are ideas that I live by.


I can't forget when someone does kind things to or for me and I am obligated until I

can return the favour or expressed my gratitude publicly to indicate  what they had done for me.

However, I am not so obedient to my Master to remember the words vengance is mine.  For  when small wrongs that are done to me the perpetrator is not spared. But I leave the big ones to my Master. I call this allowing the laws of natural justice to take its course.

Others call this KARMA.

You see I try my best not to intentionally (without reason) wrong people.


p.s.: I got a written response from one of my old colleagues, who is also a member of my main profession, and a religious brother to my blood brother.

And this prompted me to add this. The old books of the Bible agree with  my philosophy but the new books talk about turning the other cheek.

This is the philosophy that my collegue supports.

The argument is: if you render evil with evil there would be no improvement in the world.

Perhaps this is the idea behind restorative justice.

But do you think evil as a concept and behavior that can ever be eliminated.

Just recently I spoke to one of the few persons that I respected as a good human being and head of the organisation I spent most of my working life.

He said to me:-


I grew up believing that humans are inherently good.

My last set of working years  and last year,2016, made me abandone that idea.

Now I don't want you to go away thinking that any of my ideas and behaviors are malicously driven.

I shudder to believe this,although I now go with the concept of depravity and I am human.

But the length of time that I have been in the other belief,this new one will have to be extremely powerfull to remove one which has been with me over 50 years.

All that I do is through feedback( direct and indirect) examine,analyse and evaluate people's treatment of me and bring them to the fore  direct to the person and into the public domain returning their socalled favors to me as a means of natural and social justice.

Look ,just yesterday I showed a local competitor  in my new  field of interest, something I recieved from foreign.

And base on their feedback I gather two things:- It was designed as a comparison to evaluate their own work or designed as an evaluation of me-i.e. anyone could sell me anything  and I would not be able to desern  differences in quality.

This second part can futher be analysed. Either that my knowledge in the area is limited or that I am basically dumb.


I hope, now, you understand the importance of feedback and the reductionist theory.

And feedback never has to be organised on a standard questionaire or in a formal focus group setting.

I did unobtrusive  research, yesterday.

The important take-away is for me to do further research-to examine,analyse and evaluate the content of the comments and the intentions of persons giving the comments .

 My father both heavenly and earthly didn't shine their torchlight on Photography for nothing.

I am ,here, no matter what you may think for the rest of my life.


And if there are any BOGUSNESS in the TREATMENT meted out to me as these people seemed to suggest, that will eventually be

FOUND and TREATED in the only way I know to deal with INJUSTICES-bringing them to the fore.

Some may want to suggest  that I am deceptive.

No,I am not! 

 I was conditioned to be a  researcher.

My schooling just gave me tools to hone my skills.



Brent Marchan(non-registered)
The scripture says; Do unto to others what you would have them do unto you. While the words may not appear to be different, they are. The idea of reciprocating can be very negative, if everyone paid back evil with evil then we would live in a very evil world. Wait...we do live in a very evil world. You can either promote it or fix it. Feed me and I will live but give me a drink and I will die. When you repay evil with good it is conquered but when you pay evil with evil it is strengthened. Reciprocating evil is an intentional wrong.
Treat other as they treat you - human philosophy
KARMA - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad of Hinduism
Do to others as you would have them do to you. - Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31
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