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The Showcase of cre8im.comThe Showcase of cre8im.comPurchase as a Standout Display from M pix Lab.,


Permit me to use this not so good image as the SHOWCASE of

From this you can see that I am a NOVICE at MARKETING and that I have no money to invest in great experienced marketing experts.

But I thought that this image can bring a few things to the table of your boardroom ,your office,your mobile ,your ipad or tablet in this way.

It symbolises a showcase because it is a shot I did of a showcase.

It captures a beautiful being inside out. Yes I did go in after taking the shot-showing her it and requesting a photo shoot. She is physically gorgeous-as you might see from this image. And from a prima facie stand point her personailty enhances her physical appearance.
That's one of the intentions of We intend to captivate you. I remember one of the comments from the PPA forum. And I believe it was from a lady photographer.
As a result I stay away from adding CAPTURING BEAUTY as part of tag line.
Instead I say CAPTIVATES. And to add ,and the lady photographer was okay with this:- Even if you believe that you are not beautiful I can make you FEEL BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA WITHOUT USING MAKE-UP OR PHOTOSHOP.

I add these after. I don't know  if she would have agreed to this part(make-up and Photoshop).

Another thing is that it shows that symbolises creativity in an unusal way and  bold enough to take some risks and (THINKS OUTSIDE THE OR YOUR BOX).

And to conclude there is some subtlety in what does.



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