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Mirror Mirror ON THE WALL.....?-01Mirror Mirror ON THE WALL.....?-01Purchase as a Standout Display from M pix Lab.,

I want to point out that ,in the future ,blogs that carry important messages , like this one, will remain on my landing page.

 You see they are the philosophical underpinnings of my life and I feel that they should be shown to make visitors( potential clients) know what I stand for without having to visit an about page.

But before I begin on the topic of Mirror Mirror, I want to say something about Search Engines and Social Media. I now believe that  they follow your behavior and thoughts on the Web. I am saying this because of the things I bounced up on,

Take for instance, last night in between sleeps (I usually get up in middle of night sleeping sessions because of nature's calling or when an idea wakes me up). I decided to review my mail and opened  up a mail or two from youtube. I saw the great film star,Angela Jolie giving an inspirational speech which was her thanks for an award she had received.

She is someone who has been seen by most both for her work on screen and the media- follow on her humanitarian treks.

From my collection she said she grew up in what can be termed privileged circumstances and pointed out the stark reality of circumstance comparisons. Many lessons and insights came out from her speech, like who she considered her mentor,  her lessons on humility ,etc.

Then I went on to open another video-this one was an interview ,an interview of an ordinary woman who has made extraordinary strides at least that was what was said in the interview. Now I wasn't going to name her because I might be wrong. You see it was the first time I saw her. So she was not in my face like Ms Jolie. But I am taking the risk and saying what I believe I saw as her name. I believe her name is Lisa. I am also feeling that her surname is Norris.


What was my important take away from this interview was the fact that this lady did not go to any sophisticated Institution of higher learning but was espousing concepts that you may only hear from Dr, This or Dr. That.

But ,what was  the real difference was the fact that  she was analyzing from  the common sense approach -from the school of hard knocks. No wonder she could talk about the word CONDITIONING. You see, she did not learn like the professor or Doctor of letters-he or she most times depend  on books or instructions.


And do you know that in Angela Jolie's comparative analysis she alluded to something similar. Clearly Ms Norris, or Lisa is extremely intelligent but just because of circumstances she had a longer and tougher way of achieving her dream. But do you know something. She is stronger doing it the way she did it.

So ,now ,let me turn to my image and what it is depicting and tie everything together.

Before ,in earlier blogs, I discussed THE LOOKING GLASS SELF. Stating that it speaks of significant others determining and defining your path in the world.  And I argue that with this idea you either become a great follower-and be respected by your colleagues and mentors , or a weak one and be just be following all that is dished out to you,or you may just go your own way and possibly start your own following.

However the Mirror Mirror concept is the one where you are in control because you have a fair idea who you are or prefer not to be bog down  on what people think or say about you. You have a measure of self assurance that you can build on.

All you do is use others for feedback, and for different reasons- perhaps a down moment, or want  a buy-in on some implemented change.

I consider this, the occasional check on what the world thinks-for review and evaluation ,of course.

All that I continue to experience is not luck and I wonder if you really  could call  them accidents.

Perhaps contradictory omens is a better description.

As an addition I should say that I returned to Youtube this morning  to check on the accuracy of my memory.

I was right about the lady's first name but not her last. It's Nichols. The video was not one of an interview but one where she was doing a motivational talk as it is commonly called but for her,she called it a transforming talk.

I am tempering a bit,on further accolades,  because of what I heard briefly on one of her Costa Rican talks(it seems that she has been there before). But I would not bring rain on a sister's parade.

I now understand why media houses usually use the disclaimer :-The views express are not of the organisation.

So to clarify my reason for using information from the two videos in this depiction were:-

1) because of the comment made by Angela Jolie comparing her circumstances with a woman or women she met on her humanitarian trips and her elluding to an analysis of intelligence and circumstances in a way dismissing ethnicity ,

2) the seemingly accidental turning to another video right after which was in a sense an example  bringing forward Ms Jolie's argument 

and, 3)using the whole scenario to advance the importance of CONDITIONING  as A LEARNING TOOL.

So I want to end with this.That drive and vitality Ms Nichols has ,started long before what may be revealed in her interviews & talks.

She might still have to work on finding those things out.

Because that learning tool is more on the subconscious or unconscious level.

And she needs plenty quiet and alone time to understand it all or most of it.:


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