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In Deep Thought-02In Deep Thought-02Purchase as a Standout Display from M pix Lab.,

 Today I completed editing  this photo I did of my friend in July of this year, 2017.

It was a candid shot. I might have shown another ,similar, to this  from the same location.

And I can say that  time really tells. A very broad cliche but  statements like these were meant to be that way for the sake of convenience.

But more than this I learnt a couple of things today.

I learnt a great benefit of my British schooling-i.e. to be kind or turn the other cheek when people attempt to bully you when you go to institutions for help. I never  got this in school but nothing is never to late to experience.

 And of course I learnt a new meaning of a word, today. The word is SALAD.

 I knew the word as a food item.

Now I know that it can be a not so subtle way of telling someone that his or her statement is unintelligible.

Thanks to Google in more than one way-I googled it, too.

But on to thinking. That's why the image is up as a conceptual piece.

And it is more about how your thoughts and ideas so become fashioned that they control how you behave.

At UWI, in my years there, Arts and Social Science students did a course on Critical Thinking. It was not by name the same course and elements of the two courses were different. But students of the Social Sciences had an additional course called Statistics and the Scientific Method.

I am saying all this because institutions and people can find ways of attempting to influence your thinking style using very different methods.

There are many schools of thought on thinking styles and they all have their followers or supporters.

I could remember in my youth that I was advised against viewing reductionism as a valid theory to hold onto.

And now most of the advancement in modern science is based on reducing things to its basics.


And I will end by saying again.

There are so many contradictions in this world. Things can be made so complicated but yet they are so simple. We feel we know so much yet we know so little.

Will these truths ever change.

Help me PONDER on these.

This might help you understand why I prefer to stand alone and work my problems out alone:

This individual is a 10 I am a 1  and I introduced my self so he should know from that and my content that I am very new at his forum.

So why this hostility.

So in my thinking.

I am surely in the wrong place.

One of the things some of us learn very early is where we are placed. Some of us object violently to this position, some find subtle ways to be accepted, while others find less sublet ways.

I always tread lightly and or take a right about turn.

My conditioning and my intuition make me understand the struggles to confront.

I hope you understand my thought processes( and the arguement that there is always method in people's madness. The irrationality ,in a lot of cases,usually comes from your interpretation of the  person's behavior or your  beliefs and norms).

I sure understood  this person's. 

 check this out:-

Word salad = a whole lot or words on a page that has no meaning. You posted this in the Removing Content from Google help forum (its since been moved) where your word salad would have no meaning in the context of that forum.

WTF has my name got to do with your inability to post ion the right place?





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