Embrace Mistakes

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Some people are afraid or embarrassed to make a mistake.

But sometimes the mistake that you make may prove to be more valuable than what was planned.

This image was what was intended. Shooting my subject in the mirror to get the full beauty of her eyes. I believed at the time after a few attempts at traditional portraits that that was the way to go. 

So the attempts at getting it in the mirror began. One of them because of the settings used showed a figure of her without being able to identify her clear features.

I was not perturbed and it was not discarded. You might have seen it as an earlier blog   The Looking Glass Self...

To me that image  is a great conceptual piece.

So, embrace your mistakes. But don't make them become habitual.


I return to the concept of MISTAKES to remind people of the Caribbean and maybe the whole of Latin America that we should be the last to be embarrassed or fear mistakes for a number of reasons all factual and frank. 

 I'll be brief ,the person who is credited for having us in this part of the world, history books say he discovered here, Christopher Columbus, was mistaken about where he had reached. 

Then, after , a set of mistakes were done to a whole group of people-they lost their families, their language, their dignified work, their dignity and their identity but in every sphere where these people were located their descendants excelled to the pinnacle of success in almost or all fields of endeavor.

And now their chanting and songs of depression and protest have continued to 

inspire and sooth the world. Even their style and techniques are now copied

by young entertainers.


There is much more information about mistakes on this side of the globe but I will stop and remind you that we are all human beings and that means that we are imperfect and we are inclined to make mistakes.


The great scientist through the ages ands still now test and retest their creations or inventions. The funny thing is that even after all those tests and retests something wrong can still and sometimes happens.


Thanks to our media we are appraised of some of these failures(mistakes).

So mistakes are here and will continue to be with us even though some of us have reached the stage to believe that we are beyond them.


We have now entered the realm of artificial intelligence.

Congratulations to all the great scientist behind the idea and the work-the deceased and the ones who are still with us.


My only fear, and a real one, is what's next and when would we hear of a major mistake.

And please people and scientist( I have all the admiration for you) I am not pessimist but a realist.


I hope when you look at your mirror your image is clear because you can never be perfect.

MISTAKES will happen.


I hope we all can embrace them.




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