Where is Your Point?

October 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


 Artists love to adore their work and the one who did this metal sculpture is surely one of those  because he or she would not have put it out there (or here) for the world to see.

 I am sure that I was not the only one that captured it despite the fact that some photographers may be averse to using it as I have.

But ,some how , although I have never met the artist,I don't think he or she would be annoyed.
The greater good of this piece from my standpoint is the fact that it was a casual capture  that I did in June, 2014, and  I decided to used it  to  make a point(forget the pun please) on a forum of worldwide photographers.

And I am returning to the original title of the piece from HELLO! LET'S SEE YOUR POINT(S) to WHERE IS YOUR POINT?

It's ,oh gosh ,I am sorry, more to the point.

One comment  from that forum and that alone ignited a flame in me  to start doing concept and/ or protest pieces .

But I want to make a simple point now.
(But before, I'll just say that I kept the full aspect ratio of the shot despite not following one of the rules of great composition -I am in the habit of using  the center thing.)

This sculpture made me see the irony of how information / knowledge  is  promulgated. If you focus on the end use. You would see that



p.s.:-the focus  is on the intent and end use. All artist do their work for an audience making a statement or statements to them-that engagement give them the drive and satisfaction, most times ,to continue their work. This artist was such a great communicator with this piece that I have it as a Wall Decor at home and a screen saver to remind me to look for the point in all that I do .



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