I am Trevor Edwards.

I call myself,here, a Visual Historian.

But for your own conceptual convenience  you may say either a Lifestyle Photographer or a Freelance Photojournalist because my work  mainly records persons-in activities and events, their natural  behaviors & expressions, and ideas and stuff that would interest them.

And,most times stories are told.

This should suggest that the photographs here are from diverse genres.

Sometime before I questioned the conceptual separation between the Arts(as they are called) and the Sciences and add my interpretation to the debate.

However, I want to say that I was wrong in my definition of the two or that I did not reduced it enough.

In a casual conversation I had yesterday(2017-12-06) and my continued thinking about it over night. I want to suggest that the  areas are so linked that no matter what area of the Arts-literary, performing or visual- in which you participate the scientific discipline is used and important in its production.

So in my refined definition I say:

Science creates.

 Its prime intention is for you to do and to make.

Art also creates.

The prime intention ,here, is for you to feel.


  cre8im.com is a site CREATED for your information and to save you money if you wish to purchase high quality photo based products and photo services, for (a) reasonable price(s).

And if you can't or don't see that now. You may not have to wait too long to understand this.

Thanks for YOUR VISIT.


Trevor Edwards

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