Hello I am Trevor Edwards cre8im.com Visual Documentalist.

I shy away from calling myself a photographer because I am not and that Photographer from the PPA was quite right for wanting me out of his organization.

What he was wrong about was suggesting that I sell my gear. I  used this description because   I record TIMELESSNESS  experiences and moments that I cherished  and you can ,too.  Almost every photo that I have captured over the years(I'll used 2013 as a cut off point) I can speak about.

They are my moments and some I experience with some of you.

This is not a business for me nor a hobby.

The experiences and the images   are  truly expressions of my life story -recorded and documented by me.

I could have only understood these things as they unfolded.

 My father ,because I was not wise enough,  bore the brunt of my youthful arrogance and wrath,  but he was the one who led me to this instrument. And  sometimes I wish he was still here to see the great advancement in something that he loved so much. My thirst for knowing and understanding began early and I was forever asking my mother all kinds of questions. You see my mother and my father, although poor and limited in their schooling were not poor in their education of their world.  They did a fine  balancing act  between the need to sustain themselves and their children and  to enrich their humble lives and that of their children with meaning.

 So the quest for meaning is my dream or life long goal. And you may find this funny ,every single thing I do(be it having fun or something serious) it must have meaning-most times its several. I am beginning to understand now, the comments from friends of the past on this particular subject. I realized now that photography has equipped me with an upgrade in my eyewear and it has allowed me to see the light better and also has given me accessories to illuminate and keep my subjects in focus and of course present a better composition.

So this is not a business for me nor a profession it is just another TOOL being used by me to gain greater meaning of my world.

As a result I can not restrict myself to any particular genre.

I may be able to tell a story(mine) from any genre.

So my Travel Stories are not about me enjoying luxury and spending big money.

I began my travels from my first holiday as  professional.  That's how I learnt about others and that's how I became stronger at what I stand for.

And I have always travelled economically. You may even quiver if I told you the places in some countries that I used for my night's rest in the early times. If I say 5USD per night you may understand. Those days I look only for a place to sleep. The other stuff I got on the road.  All I do is plan and  research. 

People are clueless about YOUR intentions and project  but with their silly thoughts are  ALWAYS ready to judge with their petty  snares, giggle and disparaging remarks. My advice is to , just, dust those things off and continue on your path. 

 So when Steven T  said this to me:-


He was sharing his perception and his wisdom.



As an experienced student of Sociology all the negatives of group activity-wasteful name calling, not being responsible, taking advantage of stronger members(and not carrying your prescibe tasks to the fullest),useless arguments and  the waste  in the display of useless emotions coming from envy, insecurity  and the quest for control, are things I prefer not to spend time on.


 I put my HEART and CREATIVITY in my work.


So if you say you are an expert or consultant and willing to help.

Demonstrate your assistance. Don't hide behind an e-mail, telephone number or a link.

My doctors, advise that I stay away from sweet. So I have tossed out the jar.

Be like The Conversion Experts(this is not a paid promotion). They are confident of their worth.


  So the aim is that when you  exit  this site you leave with an idea, product or a response to a service requested that  make your living on this planet more meaningful.

For example a place to visit to relax, a philosophical thought, a memento/collectable, a booking, or a way to fashion your website, etc.

The part about websites  was put in to provoke some and evoke others because although I  don't consider myself a teacher nor an expert  you may learn from my mistakes, if you have been following my public "JESTERING".

For what you  witnessed over a period and if you are true to yourself was an exercise/method  in learning/teaching.




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