Hello I am Trevor Edwards.

I create images with my camera mainly when I am traveling.

  So, I have decided to share some of those images here for sale and blog and write about my experiences in other countries and in my own home country. 

In addition I shoot people and projects when  I am retained.

This website gives you a taste of what I do with my camera.

In my welcome message I said that I am a modern day humanist.

I am also very human.

You could see this from my work here if you have been following me over the time that I have been on the web.

This mainly started with my website.

You would  have seen me making many mistakes and the site has gone through many changes. 

You may want to say THAT THIS IS  THE WORK of a mad, stupide  man or both and you maybe so right. But I am human and believe in the BUILDING BLOCK THEORY and I don't feel good when people do things for me especially when  most times is at a cost that I can afford and ,now I am afraid to visit/stay/click on anything or link that has the label FREE. This made me remember a statement from my parents imitating peoples of Asian heritage in my country- FREE TING NAH FREE ,FREE TING NAH GOOD.  Today, those people still hold on to the concept  and offer you the better alternative- the CHEAPER.

I must say though that some people have been kind and generous  in their support-maybe they find what I am trying to do- a curiosity, something worthy of admiration or a public display of a comedy. 

Whatever you may choose to see I intend to continue struggling until I can achieve perfection from the two ends of my logo or trade mark. That perfection is only my own ,not one for comparison. If you wish to compare me with yourself or others. Feel free to go right ahead.

But I am not comparing myself with you, only me from my last day of working or doing.

That's how I  operate daily. My days are long and I try to include every  ingredient in it to keep me happy and healthy.

So improving on the use of my camera(s) is a must and also how  I use my computer.

So watch me work the two.

The web (via my website) is my stage or store  and you my audience(hope you become paying ones, though) .




Thanks for visiting my Online Store.


Trevor Edwards

1-868-685-7512 or 1-868-356-4078